Friday, 22 July 2016

Does my bum look big in this?

Ha ha ha. How we all have a good laugh as men moan about women's shopping trips. Ho ho ho. How can a man answer the impossible question, we must help them! He he he. Why do these women care so much just another dress?

Oh wait.

Maybe my wife is freaking out about the dress because her body isn't what it used to be when she was 18 and she's not been given, or taken the time to understand and appreciate her new body. Maybe every time she looks in the mirror and isn't 18 she can't help but negatively compare to what once was.

Maybe my girlfriend is stressing because only this morning she saw 5 adverts all with women's ideal bodies at the fore. Maybe she looks down and sees her own body as something that needs work, a detached "thing" that needs improvement.

Maybe my sister is upset because she grabbed some cake for breakfast this morning and after 5 minutes in this store, staring at crop tops, size -1000 mannequins and poster women she can feel that cake sitting on her arse, shouting 'YOU'VE RUINED YOUR CHANCE TO LOOK LIKE ME'. Maybe she doesn't want to go out and get a size up, because even though she knows stores don't have a constant size scale, the number is a failure to her.

Maybe we should stop, Maybe we should focus on our bodies as being healthy, amazing vehicles for all the pleasure life throws at us - sunny days, cakes, wine. We're in this together with them. Those thighs will be yours for life, and that won't change so maybe we should shift our thinking to self care and compassion. Maybe we should give women's bodies back to them, they're awesome.

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